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Rob Mason is a technical producer and digital project manager.

He's a fixer and a wrangler. He makes stuff happen. Hire him.

National Maritime Museum

2018 | Contract for Squint/Opera Ltd

Photo © Squint Opera Ltd.

Working at the museum's Endeavour Galleries, delivering 3 projection mapped interactives. The really cool bit about the software was it used a touchfoil embedded into the setworks making the physical table into a touchscreen. Then the videos are mapped to a series of physical objects scattered around the table like a telescope or bag. This combination brings the story to life in a very magical way.

Buckfast Abbey

2017-2018 | Contract for Squint/Opera Ltd

Leading the technical production of several interactive exhibits at the centenary gallery for the famous abbey. Learn the history and daily life of monks and staff at the historic site. Exhibits included an innovative down-projected and mapped book where visitors turn the page by swiping in thin air, powered by a hidden Leap Motion sensor built into the physical book's setworks.

Photo © Buckfast Abbey.

Spirit Warrior

2018 | Contract for Squint/Opera Ltd

A unique VR game experience working closely with the band Vanishing PoYnt. Rather than make a music video they commissioned Squint Opera to deliver a stunning 80s neon themed game to support the launch of their latest music tracks. I was the producer for the whole project leading the visual design and technical production, including launching the game onto Viveport and Oculus stores.

National Army Museum

2017 | Contract for Squint/Opera Ltd

Technical Producer leading a team that delivered 50 digital exhibits for their new galleries. The audio-visual exhibits range from immersive theatrical projections and augmented reality experiences to projections and interactive screens.

Behind all of this is a content management system that we designed and built to store the digital assets, provide analytics on the usage/performance of each digital exhibit and can be used to launch updates remotely. Some of this data is displayed in the gallery for the visitors and there is the potential to push some of the content and results of the interactives online.

Photo © National Army Museum.

EE & BT Experience

2017 | Contract for Squint/Opera Ltd, in partnership with Communique Live Ltd

Adastral Park is an icon in the UK's technology history since 1975. We were tasked with helping EE & BT's new partnership come to life through an interactive series of touchscreens, iPads and large screen TVs. The story was to promote the benefits of 4G and EE's commitment to building the best network in the UK and supporting our emergency services with their leading resilient national mobile network. We partnered with Communique Live Ltd who acted as design partner and client liaison.

Institute of Engineering & Technology

2016-2017 | Contract for Rancon Ltd

We were contracted to create three experiential installations for the Institute of Engineering's newly refurbished headquarters at Savoy Place in London. The work was split into three parts - a 'Field of Energy Sculpture', 'Member's Wall', and the '100 Ideas Wall.'. Later that year, the IET Exhibition App was developed to enhance visitors discovery at Savoy Place, London. It includes an in-built floor plan to help guests navigate around the historic building, locate conference and event spaces and access a daily diary of events, as well as discover more about the hidden history of IET London. Using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, 40 iBeacons are placed at points of interest throughout the interior and exterior of the building, and guests are prompted with push notifications revealing exclusive content about what they're looking at.

Photo © Squint Opera Ltd.


2014-2018 | Contract for Rancon Ltd

During my time at Rancon as Digital Director I led the delivery of a wide range of limited-time use games for exhibitions and conferences, as well as mobile. Game play ranged from 2D or 3D racing sims, to digital Batak-style touchscreens, to physical interactives using Wii-Motes or Microsoft Kinects. More recently this also included Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games.

Forestry Commission

2013-2014 | Contract for James Ford Design Ltd

On contract with James Ford Design, I worked with the Forestry Commission I helped translate a booklet about owning and managing woodland, into an engaging online experience. This was done through the process of defining the objectives and overall experience; mapping out high level and detailed user journeys; structuring the information architecture and content strategy; and designing wireframes to represent the content in the correct.

National Grid

2013-2014 | Contract for James Ford Design Ltd

I led the definition of a new process for complex public consultation feedback on behalf of National Grid that resulted in an easier to use process and generating more responses than previous years. This involved structuring the information architecture correctly and designing a data capture approach that would allow members of the public to provide feedback at a macro and / or micro level on all aspects of the project’s impact on the landscape.


2011-2013 | Employed at Dair Ltd

I was technical and creative director for two seasons with SkyRide, working collaboratively with stakeholders at British Cycling and BSkyB to oversee the website's contribution to an additional 1,000,000 new cyclists in the UK.

It was my job to establish the client needs; map out and define the site structure, content strategy, information architecture and user journeys; create the necessary specifications and wireframes; manage end user testing; and direct the development, budget and design processes.

Photo © BSkyB Ltd / British Cycling.